67 frameworks & counting

2. Lost in translation

3. Traveling while standing still

4. Looking in to look out

5. Looking out to look in

6. Like AirBnb, but for x

7. Like Uber, but for x

8. Time travel

9. Traveling while standing still

10. Everything but the x

11. Walking the talk

12. Talking the walk

13. Hidden in plain sight

14. Imagined but not lived

15. Heard but not spoken

16. A tale of two cities

17. The same but different

18. Different yet the same

19. Everyone is a designer

20. Culture as the original technology

21. “Smart” is not intelligent

22. Invisible heroes

23. Everywhere yet nowhere

24. Culture as designer

25. Put a ring on it

26. To go big, start small

27. To build diversity, start with similarities

28. Debunk myths

29. More is sometimes less

30. Less is sometimes more

31. Simplicity can mask complexity

32. Complexity can mask confusion

33. Say it with flowers

34. To go deep, start at the surface

35. The exception is the norm

36. Baggage allowed

37. To go far, go slow

38. Losing the battle, winning the war

39. Winning the battle, losing the war

40. Modern fairy tale

41. Magic mushroom

42. Stirred, not shaken

43. Change is an inside job

44. To love a butterfly, let it rest in your palm

45. Missed Connections

46. Recut the cookie cutter

47. Marriage of convenience

48. Crime is the punishment

49. Punishment is the crime

50. Town and country

51. Walking barefoot on marble floors

52. All dressed up and nowhere to go

53. Upstairs, downstairs

54. Front of house, back of house

55. Shoots and ladders

56. Indoor cat or outdoor cat

57. Awkward and awesome

58. Awkward but awesome

59. A world within a world (heterotopias)

60. The panopticon

61. Liberation

62. Old is new

63. Inside out

64. Extending welcome

65. Aerial view vs. street view

67. Knee level (kid view)

68. Static or kinetic

69. Boundary or border

70. De-colonisation

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Adriana Valdez Young

Adriana Valdez Young

Mother, mixed-methods researcher, faculty at SVA’s MFA in Interaction Design, Head of Community at 3x3, New Yorker.