Home and hopeful.

Thoughts I find myself having lately.

  1. I take a deep breath: I want to give this breath to everyone running out of air.
  2. I look out at other apartment windows: I see you, I love you, we’re here together, we’re not alone.
  3. I sift through my sock drawer: I can’t believe I would be annoyed when one disappeared in the laundry. I would give away all my socks along with everything I own to give everyone health and safety.
  4. I hear my son’s question of when he can go back to school: I think, for many people, there is a pandemic every day and it never ends.
  5. I see my “restaurants” budget in Mint: If I never go to out to dinner again, this is good. I’ve had more than my share of this planet’s culinary pleasures in my lifetime.
  6. I hear sirens: Please become a beautiful voice singing a delicious song of freedom.
  7. In my dream, I see lights on inside of shops: I think, they are getting ready to open again.
  8. I hear cheering: I think, hurray. We can still be happy together.

Tell me what you’re thinking these days.